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Additional Options

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can be installed in the ceiling, walls or floor of a home and can heat the entire house or just one part. Radiant heat is like the sun. It heats objects instead of the space.

  • In Floor Heat:  With this system, electric heating cables, mats or pipes with hot water are installed below the floor.  Heat radiates from the floor to provide a comfortable, even heat throughout the area.
  • Cove Heat: A long, narrow radiant heat is installed high on the wall of each zone with Cove Heating.  Heat radiates like the sun, traveling down to heat the room rather than rising to the ceiling.

Electric Thermal Storage

Electric thermal storage units store heat in dense ceramic bricks in each room.  As the thermostat calls for heat, air is circulated around the brick and into your living area, providing clean, quiet and comfortable heat.

Baseboard Electric Heat

Available in varying lengths, electric baseboard heaters are fastened to the wall near the floor in individual rooms.  It is the ideal option to add to rooms that are harder to heat or to use in homes without ductwork.  Each room has its own wall-mounted or unit-mounted thermostat.

Electric Forced Air Heating

An electric forced air furnace blows air over a series of electrically heated coils and distributes the heated air throughout the home through a ducting system.  Electric forced air systems can be coupled with air-to-air heat pumps or central air conditioners for year-round comfort.

For more information on electric heating options, call your local electric cooperative.

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